Summer Painting in Central Square

Graffiti on a wall that says My Favorite Color is You

There are two legal graffiti walls in the greater Boston area, and if you spend much time in Cambridge chances are you’ve seen one of them! Right on Mass Ave and about Essex St., there’s an alley filled with graffiti and street art. On the weekend you are likely to find it filled with people painting, filming, creating, and photo-taking because it’s just so full of color and light.

I really enjoy going down there to paint. I’m not particularly good at it but I love practicing with spray-paint and leaving uplifting notes for passersby. I know it won’t last long; maybe not even a day. But the joy is in doing something expressive, appreciating that it’s brief, and hopefully making someone smile.

I couldn’t go after I got pregnant (paint fumes can be dangerous) – and then after Ev was born I just didn’t have time. I’m feeling really grateful for the end of this summer and the opportunity to get back to painting in the alley after a 2+ year hiatus.

I hope to post more art projects in the coming months, and also to demonstrate a bit more skill development!

Graffiti on a wall that says You Got This

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