Open Source Leadership Summit

Dan Shaw speaks to a fellow Leadership Summit attendee. Linux Foundation CC BY 2.0.
Dan Shaw speaks to a fellow Leadership Summit attendee. Linux Foundation CC BY 2.0.

Last week, I attended the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Leadership Summit in Sonoma. The sunny weather and great wine was a treat, but spending time talking with others about the challenges of web standards and the open source ecosystem was a privilege. Though there were a lot of great talks┬╣, the real draw of the event for me was the connections and working meetings I had while there. I came away with so many great ideas; it’s hard to know where to begin evaluating and pursuing them all!

My colleagues from the JS Foundation were there, which gave us some valuable face-to-face brainstorming time on new programs we can kick off for our projects and members. I was particularly inspired by Sarah Novotny and Jaice Singer DuMars‘ message about reinforcing values and positive reinforcement in the Kubernetes community, and hope to bring some of that thinking into a couple of programs I’m proposing to the Board this Spring.

I attended other sessions from Brian Warner of Samsung and Li Li of Huawei that touched more on my personal passion – pragmatic approaches to Open Source & standards development. As I left these two sessions, I was struck by how wide the gap of understanding is between the world of open source, and the world of technology standardization (most people are residents of one or the other, but not both). This particularly seems to be true for the JavaScript community, and I had several conversations with peers who were there about the differences. I feel a blog post about this coming on.

Speaking of JS peers, I very much enjoyed the quality time with Maggie Pint, Myles Borins and Dan Shaw. These people care so much about improving the culture and community of web development practitioners, and talking with them about what’s working, what’s not, and what we can do about that was really inspiring. I’m very grateful to know them and to learn from them.

It’s rare for me to return from an event feeling energized like this. I think because there was so much conversation and collaboration going on, it felt like real productivity. If I’m invited to attend next year, I will definitely go.

┬╣ Unfortunately most talks weren’t recorded, but several people published their slides on the event website.


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