Bob’s Your Rooster

Yesterday I finished the first piece of art I’ve done in over 4 years.

I’ve never felt like people got what I was trying to do with this type of work. I did a lot of pieces because they made me happy, and because I thought they would make other people happy, too. But the more I did it, the more it felt like people were being pointlessly, overtly critical or just generally confused as to why I would spend my time on this at all. It bummed me out. Then for a while after we moved from Oklahoma, I was just pretty bummed out in general. So I stopped drawing and painting altogether.

I’ve been at Bocoup just over three years now, and I finally feel as though I’m among people who will get it or don’t, but are enthusiastically supportive of one another’s creative pursuits whatever the case may be. So for our Bocoupfest art show, I made a keyart of our mascot, Bob the Rooster. Bob is comprised of 1,038 keycaps in 3 colors, which I spray-painted on the top and bottom side of each keycap. That took an immense amount of time and I will probably never do it that way again, but if you want to see the end result in real life come see it at the office sometime!

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