Invisible Horse

Remember that toy you desperately wanted for Christmas but never got? The one Santa didn’t remember or couldn’t seem to get right; bringing you Malibu Barbie in lieu of the far superior Ballerina Barbie?  For me, that item was The Visible Horse.  The Visible Horse is an anatomical model of a horse that one paints and puts together while learning about the physiology of horses.  I was a little girl, obsessed with horses and destined (so I thought at the time) to become a veterinarian. One of the more memorable Christmases I had growing up was the year my mom finally bought The Visible Horse. For my sister.

I was crushed.  But as we grew older, my sister and I joked about Jory’s invisible model horse.  Thirteen years later, my sister bought me my very own Visible Horse for Christmas. I spent four days over Christmas break artistically painting vital organs and gluing tiny pieces of plastic to finish it.

In retrospect, there’s no way I could’ve done this at 12 years old. I guess I needed to wait awhile until I could fully appreciate The Visible Horse – and it was definitely worth the wait.

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