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Dog Lovers of Stillwater Promotional Video

I rented a 7D from to shoot the Rally to Restore Sanity trip in October.  In order to practice with it before the trip, I took the camera to a dog play-date hosted by the group Dog Lovers of Stillwater.  Months later, I decided to edit together a little promo for the group from that test footage.  It’s not particularly great; but it was fun and I think it turned out just fine for my very first attempt at DSLR video. Make sure you’re watching in HD!  Sidenote: I totally get the complaints about FCP and DSLR video – the workflow was kind of a pain!


01 2011

Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard

Jeremy Davis, Morgan Woolard, Jory Burson

A few weeks ago, I was asked to help produce a demo video for Morgan Woolard, Miss Oklahoma and OSU Sports Media student.  Morgan came in second at the Miss America pageant earlier this summer and has been non-stop busy ever since.  She’s auditioning for different hosting and television jobs, and definitely has the support of the entire school!

I’m glad I was able to help produce this for her by arranging interviews, coaching her performance and writing some of the script. Jeremy Davis was the videographer and editor for this piece. Many thanks also go to Dr. John McGuire, for introducing all of us!


08 2010

All Roads Lead to Joe’s

Several weeks ago, Stan announced that he would be recording a new song he wrote for Eskimo Joe’s 35th anniversary.  The song is called “All Roads Lead to Joe’s” and it’s actually quite catchy.  You can listen and download it for free at

Now, everyone I’ve mentioned this to gives me a puzzled look, but let me assure you that Stan can actually sing.  We actually karaoke’d together a few weeks ago, and  years ago he had a rhythm & blues band that even released an album.  In 1986, Stan and his band recorded a music video for newly minted MTV, right there at Eskimo Joe’s.  So, this is not a new thing for Stan, although he (and by proxy, Joe’s) hasn’t done in a while.

Today, for the first time in 24 years, we’re shooting part one of a music video for Stan’s new song.  As the director/producer of this operation, I’m more than a little psyched about this shoot.  Today’s objective is to film the live performance aspect of the video at Eskimo Joe’s – something that is challenging enough on its own – but they’ve only given me an hour to get it done!  The production schedule is brutally tight all day, actually.  We’re only shooting for the “All Roads”video from 7-8 p.m., but we’re also shooting the Bart Crow Band concert this evening as well.  And we’re doing all this with a crew of three.

Although I know there’s no way to control the schedule, I’m very confident that we’re going to get some great footage.  Gideon Thompson and Melinda Spurlin, the other two members of the crew, are very talented and capable camera persons.  We’ll have use of a jib as well, thanks to Marc Krein.  With these resources, I have no doubt that we’ll put out a finished product with very high production values.

Next week, I’ll post a recap of how it all went.  In the meantime, if you’re in Stillwater today and want to be in a music video, come see me at Eskimo Joe’s!


07 2010