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Having a Snow-cation.

If you’re snowed in somewhere, I hope you’ve been as productive as I have(n’t).


02 2011

Lomos & Easter Photos

First, a few photos from the last roll I took on the Diana:

Before you give me any flack for how old these photos are (I took them in January) – it does take a while for Wal-mart to develop the 120 speed film.  It takes about a week to get 35mm film back, and about 3 weeks to get the lomo film. Boo.

Now, let me tell you my 35mm Easter story:


04 2010

Snow Day

So, in case you live under a rock or something and didn’t already bloody know, it’s snowing!  Instead of a summary of a local commercial or this motivational seminar I went to, I give you snow pictures.  Have a great day!


01 2010