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If Tanner were Key Art…

He’d be this one. I’m calling this piece ‘Abide Guy’ for now though.  This piece is a key-art representation of an iconic fan-art image from The Big Lebowski, known simply as ‘Abide.’  Tanner is a big fan of the movie and references the movie a lot; we’ve even discussed attending Lebowski Fest one of these days.  So, when I told Tanner that I was thinking of doing a large piece, he immediately thought of the Abide image. Tanner has wanted his own key-art for some time, so I decided to make it for him.

Abide Guy is 24″x24″ and contains 783 black keys. I think it took about 15 hours to make. Now we just have to decide where to put him!


12 2010


I’m working on a new series of punctuation marks on 12 x 12 canvases.  I’ll do the positive and negative versions of each mark on a lightly tinted canvas.  I finished the first set today – interrobangs on a light, light blue canvas.

Also on the punctuation list: pound sign, @ symbol, ampersand, bracket, brace… really any punctuation mark I think of.  I’m open to suggestions though!


02 2010

“The Jeff”

Finished another piece for my Etsy site yesterday.  I’m trying to get several pieces made to fill up my shop.  It’s pretty barren right now.  Anyway, this one was inspired by Jeff Clark’s eyeglasses.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know.  I was just thinking of those eyeglasses and then made this.  Anyway, I asked Jeff what his favorite color was, and he said orange.  So the background is a subtle range of oranges. I used gray keys because they really stand out against the orange.

Upon seeing this, Tanner immediately requested that I make him the old OSU block logo in the orange/gray color scheme.  But then, Tanner wants to keep almost every one of these I finish!

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02 2010