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Completed Project: IgniteOKC 3

I wasn’t really able to participate in the planning process for IgniteOKC this Spring due to my teaching schedule.  However, the committee asked me to come back to do the videos again for the night of the event.  I think the videos turned out much better this time because I finally figured out how to compensate for the low light in the theater – we got someone to run a follow-spot and I stopped the aperture down a bit more than normal on the camera.  Thus, color balancing took much less time this go-round and I got all 15 videos turned around in a week! The intro graphic was made using Kathleen Shannon’s design for the IgniteOKC programs. Click here to see the rest of the IgniteOKC 3 videos.


03 2011

I love my job.

Actually, I should say that I love my jobs since I seem to wear so many hats lately.  I just finished up the IgniteOKC 2 videos this weekend and they’re finally uploaded to the IgniteOKC  YouTube channel (Tanner said we’ve uploaded 14 GB this weekend alone!!! Holy crap, HD Video!!). Below is my favorite talk from IgniteOKC – and it’s not just because I’m biased (Watch it in HD if you like):

As you can see, I kept things much, much simpler this time around by using just two static camera angles.  I think this helped put the focus back on the speaker and the content, and less on the event itself.  It certainly made the videos easier to edit and color correct.  I also went with tighter shots on both cameras, which I think helped immensely.

Then today, I filmed the EJPPG Client Day showcase at the OSU Alumni Center.  EJPPG wanted to shoot some client testimonials as well as some of the action at the client day.  I ended up shooting over two hours of client testimonial – it was non-stop! But, I think I got some great stuff from the clients and I can’t wait to log and rough cut that footage tomorrow.

Since I’m back in charge of the Road Crew, I had to set up one of our sound systems for today’s event as well. It was a little rough trying to handle two things in different areas, but SCC’s new public relations intern, Shea, was a big help.  Shea learned how to control the audio equipment really quickly, and he was a great ambassador for the Road Crew.  My job is cool, and so are my co-workers!

Days like today are typical of what I want out of my life and career.  I love to be challenged and stressed and multi-tasking on several different projects.  I’m also so excited to be working on several video projects at once, even if it is a little overwhelming.  There are some days that I’m just not sure what I want to do.  And then there’s today – when I realize I’m kind of already doing it.


06 2010

Bring Em’ Up to Speed…

Hi friends. It’s been a while (like a month).  You’re probably wondering if I’m dead (I’m not). I’ve just been getting exponentially busier than I expected to be!

First, a monthly recap :

  • Graduation weekend, on the whole, was a blast.  The party Friday night was a great time, and aside from having to watch all three graduation ceremonies, Saturday was pretty fun, too.  Here’s the obligatory photo:

Graduation Day

  • Planning for IgniteOKC 2 is barreling forward.  We’re now about two weeks away from the event on June 10 (which, incidentally, is the fourth anniversary of my wedding to Tanner Burson).  I wrote a blog post earlier this week for IgniteOKC website; check it out to get yourself up-to-date!  I should also say that I’m excited to see Mikey’s talk about ridding the world of Comic Sans :)
  • We launched a Facebook video contest for Eskimo Joe’s & Eskimo Joe’s Clothes.  It’s pretty exciting because the company has never tried anything like this before (in terms of relying on social media) and could be a great testing ground for future social media marketing endeavors.  I made a short video of Stan introducing the contest (see below) and Angie, Tanner & I have been monitoring impressions and engagement on Facebook.

  • I took back my old job of managing Eskimo Joe’s Road Crew, but it’s only for the summer.  I’ve been given a special assignment, which I’ll be happy to tell more about once it’s all resolved.
  • I finished three really good books this month: America, 1908 by Jim Rasenberger, Thunderstruck by Eric Larsen, and The Worst Hard Time by Timothy Egan.  For the past six months or so I’ve been on a serious historical non-fiction kick, and I hope to share some of what I’ve learned here soon.  Check out my Shelfari widget or profile to see what I’ve been reading & what I plan to read next!

So that’s a brief telling of what I’ve been doing for the past month.  Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Turning in my last two chapters of my thesis sometime next week.  Finally.
  • Doing a new training video for Joe’s Clothes. Woot!
  • Hopefully working some magic with the Road Crew, but we’ll see about that.
  • Helping Jack Hodgson with the OSU Alumni Association’s Grandparent University Broadcasting class.  Whew!
  • IgniteOKC 2 is June 10!  I’ll be doing the videos once again.
  • As previously mentioned, my story about my key art will be officially published June 10 as well!
  • Mr. Burson & I will try to find time to celebrate 4 years of marriage.
  • OSU Sports Media Camp starts in the middle of June.  I’ll be helping Friday with the sports anchoring exercise.  I really enjoy working with the campers.
  • I might get brave enough to open my Google Reader for the first time in over a month to catch up on what the rest of the world is doing. Anyone want to start a pool on how many unread items I’ll have?

Truthfully, I doubt I’ll have much time for blogging in the next month, but I’m going to try for updating once a week until things (hopefully) slow down in July.


05 2010