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My Ignite Tulsa #3 Talk

You may recall that I was selected to give  a talk at Ignite Tulsa #3 last fall.  They usually tape the talks and put them up on YouTube a few weeks later, but unfortunately technical difficulties and other obligations kept the videos from being finished in a timely manner.  That’s certainly something I can understand, and relate to! But, without further ado, the web premiere of Jory’s Ignite Tulsa talk:

Hopefully it wasn’t as painful for you to watch as it was for me, haha.


06 2011

No One Wants To Watch Your Home Movies

That was the title of my Ignite Tulsa 3 talk, anyway.  I was technically third to go, following Jack Frank, who spoke about how all these old home movies had preserved Tulsa’s history (DOH!), and the infamous Matt GallowayMatt Eber is in charge of editing the videos for Ignite Tulsa and I look forward to sharing those with you as soon as they’re ready!  In the meantime, here’s my slides – you can pretend to hear me bumbling through them, can’t you?


09 2010

I’m Gonna Speak At Ignite Tulsa!

Got the word late Friday night that my talk submission was accepted for Ignite Tulsa #3!

My talk title is, “No One Wants To Watch Your Home Movies,” which sounds kinda harsh, but I’m planning to share tips & tricks for total video n00bs. I’ll talk about recording best practices, easy-as-pie editing, and of course sharing that little Oscar winner with the world when you’re all done.

Ignite Tulsa will be held Sept. 16 at the Blue Dome Dinner in downtown’s Blue Dome district. Tickets go “on sale” this week and doors open at 6:00 (tickets, as always, are free). Come hang out and cheer me on if you’re free that evening!

Of course, there are 17 other amazing speakers as well, so your evening will be well spent.

As a side note, it has been so much fun to be part of Ignite in Oklahoma. I blogged earlier about how events like Ignite make a difference in the community – and I’m still amazed at how Ignite has exposed me to people and ideas I had never heard of before. So, go check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did.


08 2010