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Completed Project: IgniteOKC 3

I wasn’t really able to participate in the planning process for IgniteOKC this Spring due to my teaching schedule.  However, the committee asked me to come back to do the videos again for the night of the event.  I think the videos turned out much better this time because I finally figured out how to compensate for the low light in the theater – we got someone to run a follow-spot and I stopped the aperture down a bit more than normal on the camera.  Thus, color balancing took much less time this go-round and I got all 15 videos turned around in a week! The intro graphic was made using Kathleen Shannon’s design for the IgniteOKC programs. Click here to see the rest of the IgniteOKC 3 videos.


03 2011

Invisible Horse

Remember that toy you desperately wanted for Christmas but never got? The one Santa didn’t remember or couldn’t seem to get right; bringing you Malibu Barbie in lieu of the far superior Ballerina Barbie?  For me, that item was The Visible Horse.  The Visible Horse is an anatomical model of a horse that one paints and puts together while learning about the physiology of horses.  I was a little girl, obsessed with horses and destined (so I thought at the time) to become a veterinarian. One of the more memorable Christmases I had growing up was the year my mom finally bought The Visible Horse. For my sister.

I was crushed.  But as we grew older, my sister and I joked about Jory’s invisible model horse.  Thirteen years later, my sister bought me my very own Visible Horse for Christmas. I spent four days over Christmas break artistically painting vital organs and gluing tiny pieces of plastic to finish it.

In retrospect, there’s no way I could’ve done this at 12 years old. I guess I needed to wait awhile until I could fully appreciate The Visible Horse – and it was definitely worth the wait.


01 2011

Project Wrap: EJPPG Frequently Asked Questions Videos

This project actually wrapped a few weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to writing about it and sharing it here.  Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Products Group held a client day and product exhibition in June, and I was asked to shoot interviews with EJPPG clients about their experiences with the company.  I asked each interviewee similar questions about EJPPG’s services, and edited the footage into seven, 1:30 minute or less videos.  Each video is edited to go along with a Frequently Asked Question on EJPPG’s website.  For example, the above video was edited to go along with the FAQ, “What can people order from EJPPG?”

I thought the concept of letting the clients answer the frequently asked questions was fun and different, and certainly reinforces the idea that EJPPG clients are happy customers.  The other videos answer questions about the quoting process, art department, and customer satisfaction guarantee.  Hopefully, EJPPG will update their site soon so I can link to all of the videos (I’m only sharing one since the EJPPG FAQ page isn’t finished yet).

This footage was shot with a Sony HVR-Z1U and edited in FCP 7.  I used a great filter from Lyric Media on some of the interviews that were shot when it got cloudy later in the day – it’s called ‘Shadow-Highlight.’ It gave much more natural results than just upping the brightness and contrast. Also, I have no idea why Vimeo decided to crop and squeeze a full-HD, 1920×1080 video. Obviously, I need to look in to that issue!


09 2010