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Some Favorite Things

This week has been a little busy & stressful, and I thought I’d share some of this week’s favorite things that are helping me get through it:

1) Wine.  Dr. Loosen’s Riesling, to be exact.

"Really Loosen's You Up" ahaha

note: I can’t find the original source to credit this photo.

2) This awesome promo for the NBA playoffs.  I’ve been trying to come up with a way to use my “I Am T-Pain” auto-tune app constructively for a while now, and this promo demonstrates how auto-tune can be used for more than just bad rap songs and Gregory Brothers videos.  This promo made me want to watch the playoffs, and I don’t even like the NBA.

3) Feeling all grown-up with this new cookware set I got for my 5 year service award from SCC.  Woot!

note: I can’t find the original source to credit this photo.

4) Knowing that most of my friends and family will be able to make our graduation celebration in two weeks.

5) Free FCP plug-ins and garbage mattes.  I’m having fun figuring out more about mattes.

6) All the flowers that are starting to bloom around my house!

7) My “guilty pleasure” TV shows: House, Glee, and Justified.

[Photo: ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Timothy White/FOX]

8) These great quotes I found via Design Crush.  So incredibly true.

[Photos: ©2010 Design Crush]

9) Soundboards.  Particularly from The Room and Instant Fun!

10) And the best for last – Tanner and Ein. Enough said!


04 2010

Film is Glorious!

As you may have read earlier, I was given a Canon EOS 10S for my birthday.  The day after I got it, I shot my first roll of film with the camera on Aperture Priority mode. Unfortunately, they didn’t all turn out.  Out of the first roll I shot, the following three are all I would care to show you.

I chose to shoot AP because I was shooting inside Mexico Joe’s and it was a little dark, plus I like the look of silhouettes.
At the time, I didn’t even think about the fact that the film I was shooting on had expired in 2006.  I think that’s why several of the shots turned out so overexposed.  But it could also be that I still don’t know what I’m doing.

I really liked the composition of the above photo.  Too bad it’s all washed out! The photo below isn’t quite as bad.  But still.

The second role of film I shot turned out much better.  I think that’s because it wasn’t quite as expired as the first roll of film, plus I shot it outdoors.  I took several pictures of my favorite subject (Ein) so I shot in the Auto Mode.

I realize this photo of Ein is actually a poor composition, but I decided to post it up here because the color turned out really vibrant in this photo. Plus it looks like Ein is in doggy jail. I think it’s a good example of the difference between film & digital photography.  In digital, there are different white balance and color settings you have to chose from, and if you have a setting wrong, it will distort the photo.   Not so with this camera.

Another thing I love about film?  The ease in which I can change the depth of field.  Love it.

It’s safe to say that I’ve fallen  in love with film photography.  I should probably buy some film that isn’t expired (several shots had unmistakable lines through them, probably from the film getting too hot at one point or another).  I should also try to find a photography class that isn’t focused on digital photography.  While I love the instant gratification that a digital camera provides, I don’t feel as accomplished when I take a good picture.  I think film slows you down, makes you think, and in a way makes you more proud of the pictures you take.  Plus, I’m a sucker for vintage :)


04 2010

and it’s only Monday…

It seems like I blinked and a whole week went by! I had planned on having two other posts last week, but since I so blatantly missed my own deadline, I shall save those posts for another day. Instead of those posts, allow me to share a photo of my dog enjoying the spring-like weather we had yesterday:

In other news, I’ve started a new project for a new company! Mass Mutual’s Oklahoma Agency has asked me to be the project leader for the development of their web site.  They’ve never had a web site before, and there are a lot of compliance and regulation issues to work with, so this will definitely be a challenge.  When I really dive in to it and start learning some cool stuff, you can bet I’ll be passing it along.


03 2010