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Dog Lovers of Stillwater Promotional Video

I rented a 7D from to shoot the Rally to Restore Sanity trip in October.  In order to practice with it before the trip, I took the camera to a dog play-date hosted by the group Dog Lovers of Stillwater.  Months later, I decided to edit together a little promo for the group from that test footage.  It’s not particularly great; but it was fun and I think it turned out just fine for my very first attempt at DSLR video. Make sure you’re watching in HD!  Sidenote: I totally get the complaints about FCP and DSLR video – the workflow was kind of a pain!


01 2011

Departure Video

Video from early this morning – departing Stillwater’s Strickland Park for Washington D.C.! I edited this on the bus and uploaded it between Tulsa and Springfield. It looks pretty funny; me editing on FCP on a 17″ MBP that’s wider than the seat tray. I know the video quality isn’t stellar; I had to compress it to only 8MB to be able to upload. Not too bad for my first outing with a DSLR!


10 2010

Stillwater’s Rally for Sanity Bus – the insanity begins!

In just under 2 hours, Tanner, Bigyan and I will be boarding the bus headed from Stillwater to Washington D.C. for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.

Since the day we signed up, Bigyan and I have been working to document the trip and the people riding the bus. It’s been a fun process so far, and certainly a worthy one as our trip has now picked up national media attention.  NPR’s The Takeaway and The Story are covering Ronn & Vicke (the trip’s organizers), and CBS Evening News has a digital journalist, Ryan Corsaro, riding the bus there and back with us.  Of course the local media are also covering the action as well – News 9 out of Oklahoma City will have a live reporter there to see us off.

I’ll try to live tweet from the bus and rally, for those who are interested.  I may even get to update my blog with pics and video, since the bus does have wi-fi for 12 people and lots of outlets.

I also shot 6 interviews with people last night, and I can’t wait to show you some of the 7D footage we got. But it’s time to load up the car and go! Wish me luck. And, call D.C. police if you don’t hear from me by Monday :)


10 2010