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My Ignite Tulsa #3 Talk

You may recall that I was selected to give  a talk at Ignite Tulsa #3 last fall.  They usually tape the talks and put them up on YouTube a few weeks later, but unfortunately technical difficulties and other obligations kept the videos from being finished in a timely manner.  That’s certainly something I can understand, and relate to! But, without further ado, the web premiere of Jory’s Ignite Tulsa talk:

Hopefully it wasn’t as painful for you to watch as it was for me, haha.


06 2011

I’m Gonna Speak At Ignite Tulsa!

Got the word late Friday night that my talk submission was accepted for Ignite Tulsa #3!

My talk title is, “No One Wants To Watch Your Home Movies,” which sounds kinda harsh, but I’m planning to share tips & tricks for total video n00bs. I’ll talk about recording best practices, easy-as-pie editing, and of course sharing that little Oscar winner with the world when you’re all done.

Ignite Tulsa will be held Sept. 16 at the Blue Dome Dinner in downtown’s Blue Dome district. Tickets go “on sale” this week and doors open at 6:00 (tickets, as always, are free). Come hang out and cheer me on if you’re free that evening!

Of course, there are 17 other amazing speakers as well, so your evening will be well spent.

As a side note, it has been so much fun to be part of Ignite in Oklahoma. I blogged earlier about how events like Ignite make a difference in the community – and I’m still amazed at how Ignite has exposed me to people and ideas I had never heard of before. So, go check it out. I think you’ll be glad you did.


08 2010

Reliving the Tulsa Blogger Meetup

From left to right – Jory, Colleen, Mikey, Lisa & Matt make a picture at the Blue Dome Dinner.

Bloggers from all over Tulsa met up last night at the Blue Dome Dinner to eat some good food, talk shop, and listen to Brett McKay.  Although I’m not a Tulsa blogger, I’m glad I went.  It was good to hang out with Mikey & Lisa, and meet two other Tulsa Project contributors.  I also got to meet and visit with Marty, Angela (Tulsa Frugal Family Examiner & Award Winning Crafter!), Jenny, Brian, and of course Natasha, the hostess with the mostest.  I also visited some with Bill Handy (a very deep thinker on all things social media) and the infamous Matt Galloway.

After we all enjoyed some sliders, fries & tabouli courtesy of the Blue Dome, Brett McKay of fame spoke about his experiences creating a blog that reaches up to 2 million page views a month.  It took me a minute to get over the fact that McKay started blogging in 2005 when he was a senior in high school (I can’t believe he’s so young!).  It’s amazing to think that someone just a little younger than me has already graduated law school and is now a professional blogger with a book deal.  Nevertheless, McKay had a lot of great advice for people looking to improve their websites.  Among the things I took from his talk were:

  • Be unique.  Don’t try to copy other bloggers just because you think you can do it too.
  • A big mistake a lot of bloggers make is being overbroad in their topics.  Find a niche that interests you, then fill it.
  • Research your topics for more than 10 minutes.  If want to provide content that people will appreciate, you have to do some work. McKay said he spends about 3 hours researching each article he posts.
  • If you want to be a popular blogger but you aren’t a good writer, you’re going to have trouble.  Bloggers are writers, after all.
  • Similarly, if your blog’s design  isn’t all that great, you’re probably not going to have many readers.  Investing some time or money into a blog design will help increase readership of your blog.
  • Finally, don’t saturate your posts with pitches and reviews of products, whether they’re your products or someone else’s.  It’s annoying.

Although I’d heard most of the tips before, it’s always smart to revisit and see if I’m following these little nuggets of wisdom.  So, when I apply McKay’s tips to my blog, how am I stacking up?

I should start my assessment by looking at my goal for this blog. Unlike a lot of bloggers out there,  I’m not looking for ad revenue or book deals or even a million readers.  I simply want my blog to be a collection of projects, thoughts & ideas.  I want people to come to my blog and get a good sense of who I am, and if they find that entertaining or informative in anyway, I will be tickled pink.  So, since my blog is about what I’m doing, learning, seeing, etc.; I think I have the ‘uniqueness’ factor nailed down.  As for being overbroad – I probably cover too many different topics for most readers’ tastes.  I could also improve in the area of researching my topics.  I’m thinking back to my posts about lomography and downtown businesses as evidence of that.  Something I am good at? Writing.  My sentences are mostly coherent and free of grammar and spelling mistakes.  As for blog design, my current theme is simple and clean, but nothing to write home about.  My summer plans include a website redesign that better reflects the content and attitude of this blog.

I would encourage anyone who has a blog to really think about how they’re using their blog and to what end.  Then, apply McKay’s tips to the blog and think honestly about how you measure up.  Finally, events like the Tulsa Blogger Meetup are great for talking with other people and getting honest feedback.  Of course, if you’re still using your blog like a diary, ignore everything I just said.


03 2010