Ultimate Car is Ultimately Cool

They’re filming part of a new Jeff Bridges movie, R.I.P.D., in Boston’s Downtown financial district.  We happened through the area last weekend, so we got to see a lot of work being done as the film crew got ready to shoot a car scene.  And that’s when I saw this:

I wonder what this package will run you at the Porsche dealer!

It’s the Ultimate Arm Car, and chances are you’ve watched a few movies that utilized its camera-handling skills. This Porsche Cayenne Turbo is completely blacked-out in a matte black to prevent any glares or reflections from the car showing up on camera. Other features include a custom tail flap to keep dirt and debris from kicking up and oh yeah, a giant gyroscopic jib mounted to the roof.

The camera equipment alone on this car has to cost about $100,000

Ultimate Arm car driver – that doesn’t sound like a bad gig! Where can I put in my application for that job?

3 Replies to “Ultimate Car is Ultimately Cool”

  1. Molly and I totally saw one of these in Tulsa!

    They were filming a commercial for the Ford Fiesta, looked like. I was impressed by the rig…didn’t realize it was a something you could just buy.

    I totally geeked out and snapped a pic too. Let’s get one!

  2. LOL that’s awesome. I don’t think you can actually buy one – I’m pretty sure this is something those guys have tricked out themselves. But imagine what we could do with it!

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