A Different Sort of Video Resume

Over spring break, I set out to create an unusual video resume with the able help of one Michael Champlin. I wanted it to be humorous and memorable while still communicating important facts about my qualifications.  We came up with this idea to use different characters to deliver character-appropriate dialogue but also inject some humor into the video.  I’m really curious to know what others think about it, so please leave me some feedback in the comments section and let me know what you think!

2 Replies to “A Different Sort of Video Resume”

  1. Once again, distracted by your website. Love your new look and happened to see this video resume too. What a fun, creative, idea! Did you have the guts to submit it to anyone while looking?

  2. Thanks Natalie! It was a lot of fun to make :) I’ve been sharing selectively, though anyone could view if if they look for it!

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